Our values

We produce wines with personality and balance, made on a small scale from specials vineyards around Chilean different terroirs.

our wines

V a r t i e r e

c h a r d o n n a y

V a r t i e r e

c a r m e n e r e

b o r a n d e s

a s s e m b l a g e

l u n o r i a

r e d b l e n d

l u n o r i a

c h a r d o n n a y


We are a team of passionate young professionals working in the wine industry for many years. We are motivated to show a new Chile.


Show the diversity of chilean vineyards through unique wines seeking social and environmental sustainability in the process.


We work collaboratively throughout the winemaking process with producers, industry professionals, and importers, from the choice of grapes until the bottle reaches you


Chile is a mosaic of climate, soils and people. We work with unique vineyards across different Chilean valleys selecting vine-growers and working in tandem.

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