Limarí Valley

The vineyard is located 14 Km from the Pacific Ocean, on the cool coast of Limarí Valley, which is located 405 Km north of Santiago. Is planted on calcareous soils where the rock is limestone which comes from a prehistoric marine terrace that, with the pass of geological eras, is on surface nowadays.

This calcareous rock below the soil has fractures, where the vine roots can easily explore the rock, together with the cool breeze that flows from the Pacific Ocean, permit the slow and healthy grape maturation, giving to the wine freshness and a unique minerality on taste.

Sagrada Familia Valley

Sagrada Familia is an outstanding area of Curicó Valley well known for its red wines. Vineyards of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, and Cabernet Franc are located in Sagrada Familia. From granitic soils of the oriental side of the coastal mountain range and colluvial soils from vineyards towards the central valley.

Sagrada Familia (200 Km. south of Santiago) has a Mediterranean climate with wide thermal oscillation between day and night, allowing a slow grape maturation during the season.

Malleco Valley

Traiguén, Malleco Valley, located 650 km south of Santiago, is an area that has been developing in Chile for about 20 years. Located between two mountains, the Andes Mountain and Nahuelbuta Range.

This vineyard has a volcanic origin from a former volcanic eruption in which sedimentary ashes create a very special terroir. Intense rainfall during the winter from 1.500mm to 2.500mm per year. Cool climate with temperate summer and cool breeze from the south provides a wide temperature variation between day and night (26ºC – 2ºC average) contributing to a slow grape maturity delivering a Chardonnay of unique characteristics.