Traiguén, Malleco Valley is located 650 km at south of Santiago, it’s a terroir that has been developing in Chile for about 20 years located between two mountains, the Andes Mountain and Nahuelbuta Range. It has a perfect cool microclimate to grape maturation. Today this valley is giving one of the best and renewed Chardonnays of Chile. This microclimate and the “filter” that the mountain provides from cool ocean breezes allows a wide temperature variation between day and night (26oC – 2oC average). The rainfall is frequent and it can vary from 1.500mm to 2.500mm per year. This can happen during the growth season, but the cool winds coming from the south allows to dry the grapes which gives a healthy and perfect harvest. The valley has a volcanic, fluvial and glacier origin. Is a very special terroir, rich soils and hard but special climate that gives a Chardonnay with a unique aromatic profile.

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